Quick Tips To Assist Students To Conserve Some Money

When it comes to student studio apartments, Lowell students will find that most housing looks the same. They are mostly generic and use neutral colors and decorative schemes. You can get creative and really bring some life into your new living space. There are a number of ideas that are inexpensive and easy to do. You do not have to be an art student to make your living space more vibrant and fun.

Make Postcard Art for Picture Frames

You surely have some photos of your friends and family hanging around your student housing, but you can also create works of art that are the same size. First, grab some photo frames that are relatively generic. You want to know the sizes so that you can measure the size of the postcard paper so that it fits within the frame easily. Once you create the postcard art, you put it into the frame just like you would a regular photo. From there, you can choose to leave the frames plain or add a decorative touch to them too.

Completely Personalize Your Lamp Shades

Head to the local big box or thrift store and find some basic lamp shades that are light in color, such as light gray, beige or white. It is important that the color is more information light or else it could make the shades harder to link personalize. You can choose to use paints to paint over the shades. If you use paints, you have to match them to the material of the shade. For example, if the shade is fabric, you want to use fabric paints. You can also choose to turn your shades into collages. All you need is some glue and you can adhere photos, magazine cutouts and similar items to the shades. No matter how you choose to decorate the shades, seal them with a spray sealant to protect your work.

Grab Some Canvas and Paints

You do not have to be an artist to create a cool piece of painted art. All you need are some paints and canvas. It is ideal to use an acrylic paint since these tend to last longer than other paint options. Get creative and paint something that fits your personality and style. Once you are done, you want to use a sealant to protect your work. Then, you put it into a frame that fits and hang it on a wall.

You can see that it is not hard to bring student studio apartments in Lowell to life. You can use these ideas as easy ways to create some fun art. If you have a roommate, work together on the art, so that it incorporates both of your styles and personalities.

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